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Service tenet

Beijing MongZe  Tianrun Technology Co., Ltd.  by the ";customer success, our success in "; the value measure, regulate employee behavior, cash is committed to service innovation andcommitment, and strive to exceed customer expectations for service. Our service concept -- fast, professional, sincere, warm, thoughtful, meticulous.Yumesawa Tianrun technology customer service department has been committed to providing customers with the best quality, the most stable, the most effective, the most efficient service.

Service system

Yumesawa Tianrun Technology Co., the company has a sound servicesystem, the customer service center to provide timely perfect after saleservice for users.

Customer service center has a number of outstanding professional and technical engineers, they have the spirit of customer first, the principle of commitment, through the hotline service and other ways to deal with the user's service request, to provide uninterrupted service 7*24 hours a week。Yumesawa Tianrun technology to customer oriented service concept has been integrated into our sales department, sales department and R & D department, engineering department daily operation and training, the formation of a comprehensive service system。 Companies adhere to theprinciple of market oriented, and firmly grasp the market direction, allprojects to meet customer needs for the purpose of。 The company's sales department will regularly conduct market analysis, promotion, exhibition planning, to provide support for the products quickly occupied the market。Our sales and marketing team will maintain regular contact with customers,understand customer needs, product performance and customer demand for timely feedback to the relevant departments, to ensure that the company's product development and improvements to meet customer requirements, but also to deepen the company's customers and product understanding and trust。

At present, Yumesawa Tianrun technology has created a fixed customer base, has more than 300 direct customers, customers are mainly distributed in the computer, communication, industrial control, instrumentation and other fields, including many of the famous brand in the field of. We firmly believe that, high quality products, competitive price and high efficiency production will help the company in its short development history of close relationships.

Technical support

Company in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality certification standards established a set of documented quality management standards,and has established a perfect customer service system. In a competitive market, companies in the basis of careful thought and optimization services, as in the past to provide quality services to customers, with specialized customer service service department to provide technical support, in the new period, the company will continue to pursue the following service tenet:

· establish customer-centric work style, to customer satisfaction as ameasure of all the work principle;

Establish the complete network of services, to provide specialized,standardized, diversified services;

· to provide continuous, efficient, fast service, to build high-quality service brand;

From early customer product design to product specification confirmation,the evaluation of the sample;

From pre-sales technical support to the sale after sale service quality, westand in the position of customers, to ensure the long-term interests of customers. Through long efforts, equipped with trained customer serviceengineer to provide technical support to local customers, have the ability to provide professional and standardized service to customers.

Our services include pre service and after sale service. Pre sales service is the series of services make Yumesawa Tianrun technology and products to achieve the perfect matching are provided; after sale service is relatedservices to meet the special requirements of customers provide.

Pre-sales services are as follows:

1 customer demand investigation and prediction。

2 through full communication with customers, identify customer requirements.

3 required to provide customers samples and technical information。

4 provide other services, for example, packaging design, client supporttesting, connector etc。。

After sale services are as follows:

1 complaints: Complaints response within 24 hours, 48 hours to submitcustomer complaints and complaint report .

2 answer questions.

3 the client connector test and report to provide related technology. .

4 provide technical data, system and instrument data.

5 provide related connector performance and service training.

6 monthly customer satisfaction survey。

7 customer needs assessment and identify customer needs.



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